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Bullfights  2012

2012 Bullfight Photo Gallery

Mexicali: 2-26-12

Eulalio López


José Mauricio

Thomas Duffau

6  Pozohondo 6

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Photo Video

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Mexicali: 4-14-12

Fermin Spinola

Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza

Juan Pablo Sanchez

2  Fernando de la Mora 2

6  Jaral de Peñas  6

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To all the kind people who have enjoyed my photography.

There has been illness my close family this year that has kept me up in the states and away from my passion of the Bullfights.

My grandmother’s illness and passing was difficult on the family and required much out of state travel. Now having gone through that there is another family member that has also become gravely ill and sadly I am going through the same issues of support and travel.

I apologize for my lack of Bullfight photography, but I have to put family first and keep my priorities in the proper order.


Callejon Videos 2012

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